Post Production


Adrian was born in the town of Hildesheim and studied Japanese studies, sociology, and East Asian law and economics in Frankfurt/Main and Kyoto, Japan, before eventually settling in Berlin, where he still resides.

His journey into photography retouching began as a side job during his master's studies, and he chose to pursue this field further after graduation. Over the years, he has accumulated more than eight years of experience, collaborating with numerous photographers, clients from the fashion and beauty industries, and fellow retouchers. Throughout his career, he has specialized in beauty and fashion retouching.

His passion for Japanese culture and aesthetics might have influenced his retouching style, characterized by its simplicity, cleanliness, and natural look. Adrian surely does not view retouching as an end in itself, but as the final step in a collaborative creative process by many artists. He strives to fulfill clients' wishes while contributing his own ideas, believing in the power of subtle enhancements and the importance of maintaining authenticity in his work. Adrian's ultimate goal is to enhance each photo's best features while preserving the subject's unique characteristics and individuality.